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Choose Abingdon Loyalty Card

Choose Abingdon Loyalty Card

Choose to support your independents and get rewards!

The distributors of the card readers used by the Choose Abingdon card scheme have confirmed that they are unable to support the technology any longer and therefore the card scheme will not be fully functional until a new scheme is introduced. However, retailers are still able to use the cardreader to see how many points are stored on a card and many of them have confirmed that they are happy to give shoppers discounts and vouchers against the points they have earned to date so no-one should lose out.

Cardholders are advised to retain their cards as they still entitle you to ticket discounts for example Comedy Club at the Guildhall and Abbey Chamber Concerts.

A new scheme will be available for the retailers to use which will include a town phone app with geo-fencing and built-in promotion systems for the retailers, at no cost to them.



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