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Choose Abingdon's Local Excellence Market

Local Excellence Market

Local Food & Crafts in the Market Place

​Choose Abingdon's Local Excellence Market was started with the help of the Abingdon Carbon Cutters who wanted to find a way to promote locally grown and produced food. There were also community activists calling for a Saturday market for all of those people stuck in their offices all week, unable to enjoy the atmosphere and taste the samples that are on offer at a really good local market.


After four years, the quarterly market has a strong reputation with traders who appreciate the high footfall and active management that is a feature of this market. In these years we reinvested all of the rental profits back into advertising the next market because we believe that a market needs to justify its existence in a town - not just trade off passing footfall, otherwise it is not fulfilling its function in the town economy.

Another feature of the market is that we encourage our town centre retailers to come along and use the market as a promotional tool for their businesses. We appreciate that as payers of rent and rates in the town they bear a heavy burden and our market is a way for them to reach new customers, not just a way for out of town businesses to grab trade.

These are all new ways of running a market, but they seem to work and above all each quarter we produce a market place spectacle, every spare inch taken by stalls all offering samples, interesting products and sometimes also craft demonstrations. This is a regular event we can lure visitors to and make a central part of the marketing of the town.

Next Local Excellence Markets

Fifth Saturday in May 2015 30th May 2015
Fifth Saturday in August 2015 29th August 2015
Fifth Saturday in October 2015 31st October 2015

Businesses interested in becoming stallholders at the market should note that pre-booking is required as this is a very popular market. We are always keen to welcome musicians, entertainers or demonstrating craft workers on a guest basis.

To find out more please contact the Partnership Manager on or phone 07568 564109 and leave a voicemail.

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