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Military headquarters of the Legia III Augusta.

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A talk by Dr. Philip Kenrick: Romans in Algeria: a neglected but impressive heritage.

Thursday, 17 January 2019 - 7:30pm

Part of modern Algeria was the kingdom of Mauretania at the time of Christ, and its king Juba II was a close friend of the Roman emperor Augustus. Later, Roman provinces straddled North Africa and supplied Italy with grain, wine and oil; prosperous cities grew up, together with huge farm estates.
The visible remains were initially plundered by the invading French military in the 1830s, but were later treasured and excavated as evidence of a preceding 'advanced' European civilization. Since the independence of Algeria from France in 1962, little further work has been done, but the museum collections and the ruins are still stunning.

Philip Kenrick is a classical archaeologist who has worked in many parts of the Mediterranean world (and in Colchester) as a specialist in Hellenistic and Roman pottery. Much of his work has concerned Libya, for which he has written two archaeological guides. More recently, he has taken an interest in Algeria, for which another archaeological guide is in press.

This talk is part of the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society lecture series.
£3 for non members. 

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