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Mysteries of Migration

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AGM & The Mysteries of Migration

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 - 2:30pm

Migration is a critical part of the annual cycle of many animals.  They can travel  thousands of miles and the range of animals that migrate is very large.  The most spectacular migrations are found among the birds.  Only recently have we begun to understand the wide range of movements made, and the effort involved in achieving them.  It turns out that the phenomenon is very complex and is really part of the whole life of an individual.  Among the birds, each individual has to prepare many weeks ahead for its journey, and can only rely on itself for finding its way.  This talk explores the phenomenon of migration and how birds manage their amazing feats of navigation and endurance. Dr Timothy Seller was at Imperial College; he established the International Office and was responsible for overall student recruitment.  This gave him the opportunity for much travel, especially in SE Asia.  He has a long term interest in promoting science to the general public. This talk will be preceded by a very short AGM.

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