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Abingdon People

The Knapps were a large but close-knit family originating in Chilton, a village between Abingdon... more
The history of Abingdon before the twentieth century is largely a story of family dynasties which... more
Frederick Thesiger was the most distinguished of Abingdon’s nineteenth century MPs, rising to the... more
Sampson Strong was the painter who was responsible for many of the portraits which to this day... more
The Stonhouse family – as they are now known – of Radley were influential and at times politically... more
It is not every schoolmaster who can retire to great wealth and a landed estate, but Robert... more
The Knollys family, based at Rotherfield Greys near Henley, were pre-eminent in Berkshire and... more
Albert Lock spent much of his adult life living in Abingdon where he was a well-known figure and is... more
Although he came to play a significant role in many aspects of Abingdon life, John Creemer Clarke... more
Oswald Jennings Couldrey is Abingdon’s best-known twentieth-century artist. He was born into a... more
The Tomkins were a large family who were particularly prominent in Abingdon from the mid-... more
The sixteenth century was a period of economic upheaval which provided great opportunities to the... more
Henry Forty, preacher and occasional religious writer, was the first professional minister to lead... more
Airey Neave was the last but one MP for the Berkshire county constituency of Abingdon which was... more
William Blacknall came to Abingdon in the mid-sixteenth century and made a fortune in local... more


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