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Musicians in Abingdon Market Place

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Abingdon-on-Thames  has fascinating buildings and history, riverside walks on the doorstep, charming gardens, water park and outdoor pool. The play areas are all open with lots to do and more over the summer hoildays. In 2017 please use the main pool at the leisure centre on Audlett Drive as the outdoorpool is having a make over. There are markets, festivals and events going on all the time. It’s a playground for people who love life. Our guides, information sheets and maps will help you plan your activities while you are visiting the town.

July events include two music festivals, the arrival of the Royal Swan team at the end of their week checking swans and cygnets on the Thames, a Farmers' Market on 21st July, Local Excellence Market on 29th July as well as the weekly Monday market. 

Abingdon-on-Thames is a town worth taking time out to explore. The ancient buildings have a character and charm all of their own and the town’s history is colourful and interesting. These pages will help you to plan your exploration in more detail. Map guides are available free from the Visitor and Community Information Centre. There are QR codes on the panels of information in the town centre...
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The River Thames flows within a few hundred yards of the town centre, spanned by the medieval bridges which give Bridge Street its name. You can be watching the bustle of the market place over a cappuccino at 11am; striding out along the Thames Path by 11.05am. It’s a unique market town where the countryside sits on the doorstep, and the rural riverbanks look across at the medieval wharf of St...
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With around 200 listed buildings in the town centre alone, Abingdon-on-Thames is a wonderful place to stroll around and find hidden gems, interesting vernacular architecture and visit the places where events (some pleasant, some violent and bloodthirsty) have played out in the past. You may prefer a guide to show you round and make sure you don’t miss the best bits, or you might choose to follow...
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Lots of people drinking coffee and sitting at cafe tables in the sunshine with market stalls in the background
Abingdon-on-Thames is a market town that still proudly upholds the tradition of the Market Place as a focus of town life. The Market Place is central, easily reached, and is the scene of important occasions and music festivals but also of weekly and monthly markets, fairs and community events. On any day of the week it's a lovely place to drink tea or a cappuccino in the sunshine, catch up with...
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Abingdon-on-Thames has almost every sport you can name either in the town or very close by. First port of call for a lot of people is the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre. This is run by a not-for-profit company on a contract to District and a lot of money has been put back into upgrading facilities. The swimming pool is very good and open from early morning until late evening. http://www....
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The beating heart of this historic modern market town is the lively calendar of events that are organised by community groups, partnership organisations, schools and businesses as well as chamber of commerce and councils. Whether your favourite way to chill out is wandering through a market full of local food samples, witnessing an age old living tradition, the web diary here is for you. Prefer...
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