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Gabrielle Lambrick (née Jennings) was born in south London, her father a hospital administrator and amateur art connoisseur and collector, her mother from a large family of Scots origin with a shoe-making business in Leicester.  She went to Clapham High School already an accomplished pianist, and gained her LRCM in 1932, the year she left.  Later she learnt to play the viola.  At Girton College, Cambridge she read history under the supervision of the medieval historian, Dr Helen Cam, with whom she maintained contact throughout her life. 

Mieneke Cox was a much loved and highly respected local historian of Abingdon.  She was born Jacomina Elsje Elias in Nijmegen in the Netherlands in 1928.  After living through the Nazi occupation of her country between 1940 and 1945, she studied history at the University of Utrecht.

Agnes Charlotte Baker is one of Abingdon’s foremost historians. For twenty years she worked with Arthur Preston to extract the history of the town from its archives and from Preston’s own collection of documents. She later wrote many short articles making this history approachable for the non-specialist reader.

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