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11 Oct 2018

From 6th October to 23rd December 2018

Very moving exhibition open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

Abingdon County Hall Museum proudly presents an exhibition comprised of recruitment and propaganda posters of the Great War. The diverse collection tells the story of a society at the beginning of the first modern war when each day changing news and messages were delivered. Some claimed the war would last a few short months, the end was always in sight, and if ‘we’ were just roused to volunteer, then ‘we’ would return home soon, victorious and as heroes.

As the war progressed and it was evident that the end was not clearly in sight, statements and pronouncements shifted emphasis; different pressurising phrases were applied to suit their end.

The posters are mainly from 1914 to 1916. Recruitment was no longer necessary when conscription came in during 1916. They also draw our attention to the government's need to raise finance without looking to the international markets, for the population to back the war with loans, which in turn created an inclusivity and the legitimacy necessary for a prolonged campaign.

The elegant and striking imagery, dynamic and firm graphic text and powerful messages of the posters are also balanced and contextualised by original war memorabilia such as trench art, decommissioned weaponry and artefacts such as a gas mask and remnants from a zeppelin.

Located in the Sessions Gallery of Abingdon Museum, this exhibition is on the first floor, up 37 steps from the lobby, and it is not wheelchair accessible.

A smaller selection from the posters collection of Abingdon museum is also on show at St. Nicolas’ church Monday to Saturday (10 am - 4.30 pm) until 23rd December 2018. The church is wheelchair accessible and is fully accessible to impaired mobility people.


Abingdon County Hall Museum

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