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Changes to the Town 41 Bus Service

Published on:

14 Aug 2019

Changes to the Town 41 Bus Service

The Town Council provides the subsidy which enables the town bus service 41, to operate.  The service is operated by Thames Travel. The service runs from Monday to Friday each week and currently runs through South Abingdon (via Saxton Road, Preston Road and Reynolds Way), Fairacres Retails park, the town centre (Stratton Way), Hadland Road and the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre. The time table may be viewed by following this link:

From 9th September 2019 there are some enhancements being made to the 41 Abingdon town service and the revised timetable may be accessed by clicking here:

The bus at 1333 that currently terminates at Saxton Road on a Friday will continue back to the town centre terminating at Stratton way at 1415. The bus at 1433 that currently terminates at Saxton Road on Mondays to Thursdays will complete a full round trip back to the Leisure Centre. There will be an extra trip on Fridays from Saxton Road to the Leisure Centre and an extra trip all week at 1534 from the Leisure Centre to Reynolds Way and back to the town centre for 1615. This latter additional trip will be useful for passengers after school.

These service revisions coincide with a new service, route 45 linking Abingdon town centre with Culham Science Centre. The service will operate at peak times on Mondays to Fridays with an extra afternoon trip operating on Fridays. Buses will depart from Abingdon Stratton Way stop A1 and the last stop on the route will be the main reception of Culham Science Centre. Return buses will start from outside Culham Conference Centre before returning to Abingdon. The timetable may be accessed by clicking here:  Note this service is not subsidised by the Town Council.


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