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Covid Response Working Group

Published on:

13 Jan 2021

A Covid Response Working Group has been established, with members of Abingdon Town Council meeting every Monday since November 2020, to consider the Council’s response to the Covid pandemic. The group monitors all parts of the Council's operations and responsibilities to ensure that they are COVID safe and meeting the needs of residents. The group also considers any applications to the Covid Emergency Grant Fund set up by Abingdon Town Council. So far, the group has awarded grants to the following initiatives:

-                  £1000 to the local organisation SOFEA who are setting up a community larder in Abingdon to help combat some of the negative financial effects of the Covid pandemic.

-                  £2000 to the charity Gateway who provide food parcels for homeless people across the county, an issue exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.

-                  £250 to an initiative set up to provide bottled water and ‘on the go’ snacks for the John Radcliffe Hospital staff working long shifts in the intensive care unit caring for Covid patients.

The Covid Emergency Grant Fund is available to assist the work of groups who are supporting the community. For more details on how to access this fund please contact Louise Brown at or call 01235 522642.


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