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14 Apr 2020


The “AbiMeds” community medicines delivery scheme has been set up to reduce potential exposure to COVID-19. We have all seen - or experienced - the queues at local pharmacies in recent weeks: many of those waiting are either vulnerable or caring for vulnerable people and the queues not only seriously inconvenience them and risk their health, but also risk the health of the pharmacists and their staff on whom so much depends.

The Abimeds team has been working with Abingdon's Freewheeling cycling group to come up with a solution for nearly everyone wanting prescribed medicines from Abingdon's pharmacies – not just those who are shielding or self-isolating. It is free and operated totally by local volunteers.

Anyone who has a prescription to be collected from Boots or Jhoots pharmacies can phone 01865 818351 between 09.00-16.00 every day except Sunday. We will also pick up from Avicenna, but that can be arranged direct with them rather than through us. Once the scheme is established we hope to roll it out to more local pharmacies.

Packages collected from pharmacies will be batched by geographical area then delivered, mainly by cyclists. Deliveries will be done 3 days per week – Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter. We can deliver to Abingdon and the immediately surrounding villages (Culham, Sutton Courtenay, Drayton, Marcham, Shippon, Wootton and Radley).

Just a few additional points:

  • We are not able to take messages or do call-backs: if you cannot get through or the phone goes to voicemail, please try again later.
  • If there are any issues with access to your property please mention this when you ring so that arrangements can be made.
  • We cannot deal with money: if you normally pay for your prescriptions please discuss with your pharmacy whether you can pay in advance. If that is not possible, sadly we cannot help you, but could direct you to other groups who can.

For more information see our Facebook Group


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