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Reusable and Sustainable Coffee Cups

Published on:

28 Jan 2021

Did you know that Costa Coffee in Abingdon Market place will fill a customer's reusable cup if asked, and they give a 25p discount for this.

Costa Coffee are then also accepting old takeaway cups back from customers which they will then dispose of in a sustainable way. (They are also accepting disposable cups from other outlets). 

Costa Coffee will then send them to their own composting facility, where they get treated at the necessary high temperature.

In Summer 2019 Abingdon became the 65th UK community to be granted “Plastic-Free” status, and in line with the aims of the Green Advisory and Scrutiny Committee you are actively encouraged to use this service to reduce the waste in Abingdon and ensure your litter is disposed of in a sustainable way.

To find out more information about the ways to help reduce the carbon footprint of Abingdon please visit Abingdon Carbon Cutters website at: 


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