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'Abingdon People in Lockdown'

Abingdon Museum Collecting Project


Abingdon Museum is collecting stories of life during Coronavirus. The aim of this project is to create a digital time-capsule of our experience of lockdown.
We invite everyone to share their lockdown experience. We would like to hear lockdown stories from the point of view of children and young people, from parents tasked with home-schooling, from those working on the front line, from those working in the background and from those shielding or isolated. In fact, whatever your experience has been, we are interested to know about it.

Submissions may include photos, videos, diaries or rainbow drawings. If you like to get involved in this project, please send your story by attaching photographs, poems, audio recordings, video performances, artworks or writings about your experience to writing 'Abingdon People in Lockdown' in the subject line.
This is an ongoing project and there is no deadline for submissions.

By sending us your contribution, we assume your consent that the museum can use the material for educational and exhibition purposes. The material may appear in our documentation, on our website, our social media channels, or in displays and presentations. If you do not want us to use your contribution in such ways, please let us know. The contact details you provide will not be shared. All data will be stored by Abingdon County Hall Museum.

Featured below are just some of the contributions received as part of 'Abingdon People in Lockdown' project.

Hope's contribution: 'The Covid Hug'
"my story is about a thing me and my friends created called the "Covid Hug". We all missed hugging each other so much that we created a new hug where you don’t have to touch each other. You stay socially distanced and  reach your arms out and say "Covid Hug" then the other person reaches their arms out too.  This made it so much easier to get used to all the changes Covid has made. A little tiny smudge of normal on the planet of change.

Hope, age 9

Abingdon Concert Band's contribution
Abingdon Concert Band had lots of Zoom calls and quizzes to maintain the connection with the members and
put together some video perfomances to keep the music going.



"We're particularly proud of our 'Keep the Rhythm Going' project. This is a piece composed by Neil himself. We promoted the project on social media and the end result is a video including 109 players representing 71 musical ensembles from countries in Africa and Europe as well as from the UK and USA."                                                                                                                                                                                              Abingdon Concert Band.

Joan's contribution: 'Our Isolation Journey 2020'
Joan submitted a copy of a personal diary written on Facebook from Day 1 of isolation.
(below only a glimpse of the Facebook posts)


Christine's contribution: 'Locked Down in Abingdon 2020'
Christine supported the NHS by making laundry bags for NHS staff and care, and created this banner, along with bunting, saying “Thank You” placed around Abingdon.



Kevin's contribution
Kevin shared two lockdown poems.

Here's one of his poems:

When this is over

When this is over,

I’ll write a book

I’ll shake all the hands I never shook

I’ll open a gift horse’s mouth and take a look

When this is over

Claire's contribution
Claire started an online course, Skill Stage 2 Hand Embroidery, and made a cushion with hand sewn embroidery inspired by the COVID pandemic.


"The designs are sewn in the colours of the rainbow, this represents the symbol of the rainbow in support of the NHS"

Contribution by anonymous: Lockdown poem

COVID-19 March 2020
The Virus is on the streets
Being spread by people we meet
Safe distancing we trust
6 feet away is a must
Exercise permitted once a day
Essential shopping only the Government say
Keep older loved ones in isolation
No physical contact – desolation
Work from home – travel no way
Leave roads free for lorries day by day
To deliver what we need to get by
Toilet rolls, pasta, rice, flour in short supply
Ambulances take the sick to a hospital bed
Lungs being attacked is the dread
PPE short for the NHS frontline
Will thousands of masks be found in time
The world is affected no-one escapes
We’re looking forward to a date
When lockdown eases and we can see
Our friends and visit our family


You can download a high-resolution version of the poster here.

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