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Networking Events

Opportunities to meet new customers

There are a number of networking organisations in the area, recognising the value of face to face contact in starting and building business relationships, even in an age of digital communication.

Here is a list of some business forums we know about. Well-marketed events will be on our calendar so check what's on each week.

The Clubs and Societies pages have information as well.

  • Abingdon-on-Thames Chamber of Commerce meet each first Tuesday in the month. It has its own section here.
  • Business Biscotti - on the first Wednesday of the month at Cosener's House - see website

Best of Abingdon - A new local representative is needed for this organisation. Anyone can contribute to The Best Of for any town. It offers marketing support as well as networking and is active on twitter promoting all kinds of town events. Sign up for offers in shops and businesses. Abingdon Town Magazine is a new independent town magazine produced by townspeople and local businesses. Issue Two Issue One Community FreeSpace In Bury Street our Community FreeSpace is there for groups, service providers, clubs and charities to use. Bookings have moved from the town offices to be made through the town's excellent civic society. For exhibitions, workshops, meetings, drop-ins and campaigns please contact Use of the FreeSpace does not cost a town organisation anything, although a donation does help guarantee that the project can continue so that others can benefit and you can come back again at a future date. Any club or organisation welcomes visitors and you can find out a lot about what's happening in the town here. Visitor and Community Information Centre Visitor and Community Information can make suggestions on how to get to know like minded people or how to join in town activities or call in. At present Information is not at ground floor level as due to works at Guildhall the service has moved from Bridge Street to County Hall Museum. Between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm Tuesday to Saturday press the intercom buzzer once and staff will come and attend to anyone who finds the stairs not easy.


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