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Help with Your Event

A resource for community groups who want to organise an event

Many of town community groups organise events on a massive variety of topics and types, from small talks and club meetings to festivals.In these webpages there are helpful tips, contacts and advice which may make your event easier to organise. We can make venue suggestions, and there are ways of publicising an event using our Town Criers, our website calendar and our town noticeboards. Browse the menu items on the left for more information.

The Market Place is available for use by community groups who have charitable purposes or who operate on a not-for-profit basis. There is no charge unless electrics are required. In order to use the Market Place for an event you need to make a booking with the Town Council. When a date has been selected, a licence to take money may be required. Plan on four weeks for this and apply after you have your date agreed with us. It is straighforward to book with helpful staff, just bear in mind that bookings will only be confirmed when insured.

For further information please click here. or call in at Abingdon-on-Thames Information between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm Monday to Saturday. Town Information is now at Roysse Court front righ entrance of Guildhall next to the County Registry. Being an old buillding there are two shallow steps to the office which is on the ground floor.


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