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Discover Abingdon

Discover more about Abingdon-on-Thames, the historic, modern market town set in rural Oxfordshire. Browse our pages to find out about the ancient streets, the riverside walks, the gourmet delights and the annual festivals of the town famous for its Bun-Throwing, the 400 year-old moment of market place mayhem which is our way of celebrating royal occasions. This is not an annual event so it becomes extremely special.

Come and witness one of our living traditions, taste something new at one of our markets, dance with our Morris dancers or simply sit by the river with a picnic.

Abingdon-on-Thames has a claim on being the oldest town in England. This is due to having a pre-neolithic settlement and archeological and object proof of the town developing on this site for thousands of years. It is this proof which townspeople are proud of as ask other places to hold up anything to compare and only the celtic settlements in Scotland and Wales are more ancient. Then, in the last thousand years see Berkshire history for information on how the town's wealth and power were established and how unique buildings gave it such character.  

A mighty long tap root has grown into a place with so much genuine community spirit and a lively events programme driven by local people, it feels energising, alive and kicking!

This website contains all the information you need to discover this beautiful, lively market town for yourself. It’s also your one-stop resource for ideas to help you to enjoy community life to the full if you are already lucky enough to live here, or to work here.

Abingdon-on-Thames Visitor and Community Information office is here to assist you with exploring. When closed you will always get a response by email 


View of one of the historic buildings of Abingdon
Abingdon-on-Thames has accommodation of all kinds from traditional hotels in the town centre, B&Bs in simple but elegant townhouses, efficient modern hotels near the major routes and charming rural B&Bs in the surrounding countryside. Holiday accommodation in or close to the town centre includes the Crown and Thistle Hotel, Cosener's House Hotel, B&Bs on East St Helen Street, Abbey...
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Abingdon-on-Thames publishes its Town Guide with information about the services, history and major activities in the town. A copy has been delivered to every household and there are also copies available at the Visitor and Community Information Centre.  Click here to download a PDF of the Town Guide. A new Council has been elected since publication so for information on your town councillor...
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Large crowd of people in the Market Place at an event
Abingdon-on-Thames is located in the centre of England, on the River Thames and makes a great base for a holiday in the UK. London is about an hour away and many famous attractions can be visited as an easy day trip, such as Royal Windsor, Shakespeare's Stratford, the ancient ridgeway and the mysterious Stonehenge. Traveline offers travel advice and guidance to help with planning a journey to get...
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St Helens Wharf and Church
Abingdon-on-Thames has a strong claim to be England’s oldest town. Archaeological digs have shown that this was one of the earliest areas in which our hunter-gatherer ancestors first began to lead more settled lifestyles, attracted by the food and trading opportunities that the confluence of the River Stert,  River Ock with the River Thames provided. Object evidence on display in town includes...
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Morris dancers chatting in a group in between dances
With more living traditions than you can shake a handkerchief at, Abingdon-on-Thames is the stage for a number of events that no-one fully understands, but everyone loves. From the community craziness of our unique Bun-Throwing tradition to the day-long Morris marathon of the Election of the Mayor Ock Street, there are hidden meanings from the past in so many of the events that form part of our...
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Relax by the River Thames in one of our town parks
Abingdon-on-Thames has wonderful outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by the brave and sporty visitor, but it also has plenty of places that are great to just relax, stroll in, or watch the river go by from a comfortable bench.Take your pick and have the kind of day that suits you, in our parks, riverside areas, Market Place cafés or at our swimming pools and sports centres. From Tuesday to...
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Local Excellence Market Saturday 26th September please be thoughtful on distancing and mask wearing where appropriate.   Abingdon-on-Thames has a lively community life. Day, weekend and week long festivals are held throughout the year. Individuals and town societies contribute to the calendar with support from the town administration.   Annual events are affected in 2020 and 2021 January New...
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Abingdon has close links, built up over many years, with its four twin towns: Argentan, France; Lucca, Italy; Schongau, Germany and Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. There are also close connections with Colmar in France which is twinned with the Vale of White Horse District Council. Argentan was Abingdon's first twin town with whom it twinned in 1956.   Argentan is a town in Southern Normandy, comparative...
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There are some memorable pieces of modern public art in the town. Notable modern sculptures can be viewed in Bury Street, near one entrance to the Abbey grounds, and behind the Abbey grounds in Thames View. Also, find pieces on buildings and at ground level such as at Ock Bridge Place and at the MG garden. District Council has taken the initiative to place items. A map and a cycle tour of these...
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