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The Market Place is perfect for community activities

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Booking the Market Place

A free community area in the centre of the town

The Market Place is available for use by community groups who have charitable purposes or who operate on a not-for-profit basis. In order to use the Market Place for an event you need to make a booking with the Town Council.The diary is maintained by the town's Information Centre if you would like to check any dates. The booking forms are available to download below.  Please read the booking application  form and the terms and conditions of hire carefully.  You will need to comply with the conditions and providesigned documens, insurance and undertake a risk assessment in order for your booking to be confirmed.

The Council continues to operate a policy not to make a charge for hiring the Market Place to community groups. The only cost for a day event is for electrics £12.60 inclusive of VAT.

To book an event on a weekday, please note that Mondays are reserved for the Charter Market. A Bank Holiday may be available. The third Friday in the month is reserved for the monthly Farmers' Market. On the Chamber of Commerce website and on the town diary note there are (approximately quarterly) local excellence Saturday markets and craft fairs.

Summer 2020 has many events in advanced stages of planning a year ahead so choose and check any dates well in advance. There is more detailed advice in the booking form below.  

Sale of alcohol on the Market Place

The Town Council has a licence to sell alcohol on the Market Place and subject to terms and conditions of the licence and the Council's policy, you may be able sell alcohol under this licence.

In order to sell alcohol under the licence you must designate a person who will be at your event at all times whilst alcohol is being sold and that person should hold a Personal Licence.  There is a fee of £12 (inc. VAT) payable by all organisations in order to be given permission to sell alcohol.  We are aware that many of the organisations using the Market Place are not-for-profit or charitable but the charge is made to cover the Council's costs in administering the important requirements of the alcohol licence. The charge should also be viewed in the context that no charge is made to hire the Market Place for your event.

If you are unable to nominate a Personal Licence holder you may still be able to obtain permission to sell alcohol dependent on the nature of your event and the availability of a Council Personal Licence holder on the day of your event.  If permission is given then a fee of £60 (inc. VAT) is payable.

If you wish to sell alcohol at your event you are advised to make your application as early as you can. In any event an application must be made a minimum of 21 days before the event.

The forms which you will need to complete are available to download below.


The Council operates a number of commercial markets - the weekly Monday Charter market and the monthly Farmers' Market.   The Market Place is available for other markets but the Council, through its Community Services Committee, has to approve these markets as "occasional" markets.  If you wish to apply to organise a market you should aim to give as much notice as possible and a minimum of four months so that your application can be considered by the Community Services Committee.  For more information please e-mail the Town Clerk at

Please email your completed forms back to


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