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Other forms of Publicity

Posters, banners, leaflets and signs


The Town Council operate three noticeboards and will put up posters provided by community groups if they are legal, decent and non-commercial.  

In order to take advantage of this opportunity to promote your event, deliver three colour copies of your poster to the Information Centre which is now situated at the Roysse Court entrance of the Guildhall, off Bridge Street, several weeks before the event date. The usual changeover day for posters is a Thursday so please deliver posters on Wednesday for the swiftest service. (The Town Council cannot print your posters for you.)

Some shops are willing to display community posters but as a general rule it is appreciated if you are already a customer of the shop before you ask to use their window space for free!


Stocks of small leaflets advertising an event can also be dropped off at the Information Centre where they will be displayed on the desk if the staff feel the information is correct and useful. Again the Town Council cannot print your leaflets for you.


Putting up banners can be a great way of getting publicity but without the permission of the landowner and of the Vale of White Horse District Council (advertisement licence) you are running the risk of having your banner removed and thrown away. 

Organisers of large events which are booked onto the Market Place may drop off a banner at the Town Council offices which will be put up on the bollards of the Market Place in the run up to the event but any banners put up without permission may be disposed of.

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