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The Vale Islanders visit the Market Place for Heritage Weekend

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Publicising your Event on the town website

An interactive calendar for you to use

Over a hundred organisations and individuals add to this, our town's calendar.

The events calendar is a great way of letting local people know about events you are holding and it is worth noting that even putting an event on the calendar just hours before it starts can still result in hundreds of hits and a much better turnout at your event.

The town website is also the place most people turn to when they want to get more details about events they have already heard about, such as exact location, parking, start times, etc. So put your event on the calendar even if you think it is already well-known because publicising these details can save a lot of confusion and time spent dealing with phone calls and emails. 

The town's Visitor and Community Information Centre use this diary to display posters of events each week or to list