Boat drawn up at St Helen's Wharf in front of the Anchor Pub

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Visit St Helen's Wharf & Gardens

Tranquility where there used to be trade

The former St Helens Wharf is worth a stroll not only because it is a beautiful spot overlooking the Thames, but also because it was the other source of wealth and importance for the town in early days. The merchants of the St Helens quarter owned many of the attractive town houses which line East St Helen Street today.  This area, including the wharf which once thronged with boats unloading and loading, was the focal point for those who were not dependent on the monastery but made their living by trade.

Today it's a great spot for boat-watching and duck-feeding or enjoying a pint at the very old Anchor public house which was moved from the water's edge to a spot across the road when the whole wharf area was remodelled. The magnificent sweep of the right angled bend in the River Thames which occurs at this point makes it a vantage point for looking both up and down stream, and the Margaret Brown Gardens just beyond the wharf offer seats and a tranquil place to enjoy the view.

For more information about the ancient buildings in this part of the town click here to go through to our history section

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