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The Old Cemetery

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Information and enquiries regarding deeds, graves and interments should be made to the council on 01235 522642 email, or the cemetery office 01235 553480

Within the cemetery grounds a new works depot has been built along with toilet facilities for visitors and a new office for cemetery enquiries.

In 2012, the council introduced a new system which will involve the interment of cremated remains above the ground in marble vaults (Sanctum 2000). This system has proved very popular in other parts of the country.

The vaults can hold up to two caskets or urns securely. Each vault has an inscribed tablet available in black with a gilded inscription of one’s choice. Flowers can also be placed on the vault in the supplied personal vase.  The lease period is not less than ten years, after this time there is an option to re-lease or have the cremated remains scattered in an area set aside for this purpose. 

An area has been created for the new Garden of Remembrance which includes landscaping and seating.

The Spring Garden Cemetery was previously known as the New Cemetery. It can be found at Spring Gardens OX14 1AZ.

The Spring Road Cemetery was previously known as the Old Cemetery. This can be found in Spring Road OX14 1AX.

Pre-1974 burial records: For former Berkshire parishes, the pre- (and post-) 1974 burial registers that aren’t still kept in the parishes themselves are held at Berkshire Record Office in Reading (

Information on researching family history can also be found via Oxfordshire County Council’s Family History website page.

Cemetery Chapel & Cemetery Lodge

The two attractive gothic style chapels and lodge in the Spring Road Cemetery were built in 1860. 

The Spring Road Cemetery Chapel can be hired for funeral services (seats 30 people). For further information contact Tim Badcock on 01235 553480 or email 

Burials of people of all faiths (and none) will be welcomed.


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