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The Town Council aims to keep residents informed through a mixture of digital and print media so that there is a way to access information that suits everyone.

Digital Communications

This website, hosted and managed by the Town Council, carries a breadth of information across all the sections and covers every aspect of the town council's buildings and services including the Museum and Guildhall as well as general town information, an interactive events calendar, guidance for visitors and tourists, a history section run by our local historical society. The community section features a list of clubs and societies active in the town, and a business directory. Locals are able to uplaod any event in town to the web diary. This will be greatly appreciated by people of all ages in the town. Anything else you notice please send a message through the site or call in at The Information Centre before 2.00 pm. 

There are two social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) in use by the Town Council which often link to articles on this website and a What's On twitter account which publicises events that are on the calendar and provides links to the appropriate pages. A town app is in development. 

Print Publications

The council increasingly publishes information through local magazines which include Council's quarterly Town Crier newsletter, Roundandabout and Abingdon Living.

We also research and produce the Abingdon-on-Thames Official Guide which is printed and delivered to every household and business within Abingdon every two years. The latest copy is on this site, with councillors from the previous council term. Refer to the web listing of councillors until the next guide. There is a by election in May 2021.

The Abingdon-on-Thames Official Map is also provided by the council and delivered every two years to every household and business in town. On this site you can view the town map and both this and the Standbrook guide to the town include a street index.

Copies of all the above publications can be picked up in the Abingdon Information Centre and most of the information in the above publications is also reproduced across this website.


Standbrook guides to many towns have businesses, societies and a map of each town. Abingdon map courtesy of them is at


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