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Recreation Areas

Open Spaces and Sports

Listed below are the council’s six recreation areas, eight play areas and two football pitches which are all maintained by the council’s works team.

Recreation Areas

Margaret Brown Gardens

MG. Garden

Austin Place

Longfellow Drive

Hedgemead Avenue

Ladygrove Meadow

Play Areas

Boxhill Recreation Ground

Caldecott Recreation Ground

River Close Play Area

Masefield Crescent

Chaunterell Way

Elizabeth Avenue

Chilton Close Recreation Ground

Hill View Play Area

Football Pitches

Caldecott Recreation Ground

Boxhill Recreation Ground

We are also responsible for the maintenance of numerous small open spaces and amenity areas and natural areas at Boxhill Wood and Ock Valley Walk, and for a large number of trees which are maintained by a professional arboriculturalist who periodically undertakes tree surveys to update our records, and to identify and prioritise tree maintenance.

If you need further information or to report damage - email or call 01235 522642.

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