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Salt Bins and winter weather

During winter weather the Town Council will as far as is possible, clear snow and ice from the properties it is responsible for, including the Market Place, the area around the War Memorial,the County Hall Museum precincts, the Guildhall,  Boxhill Wood and its play areas. For a list of play areas see Council Services and Facilities Recreation Areas, Open Spaces and Sports. Please note that clearing snow and ice may take some time depending on conditions and it is not possible to clear all areas immediately.  The Town Council cannot clear snow and ice from the highway, this being a County Council responsibility.

The Town Council also provide salt and grit for residents to use in icy and snowy conditions for areas around their properties. The bins are replenished during and after periods of winter weather but please contact the Council on 01235 522642 or if you find a salt bins empty.

The salt bins are placed in the following positions:

  • Stratton Way  -  Bus Stops (north)
  • Reade Avenue  -  Junction with Audlett Drive
  • Abbott Road  -  Junction with Oxford Road
  • Daisy Bank – Junction with Radley Road
  • Reade Avenue  -  Junction with Hadland Road by the shops
  • Nyatt Road   -  Junction with Audlett Drive
  • Gainsborough Green  -  Shop area
  • Preston Road  -  Junction with Lambrick Way
  • Preston Road  -  Junction with Wilsham Road
  • Preston Road  – Junction with Cotman Close
  • Langley Road  -  Junction with Dunmore Road
  • Hanson Road  -  Junction with Dunmore Road
  • Boulter Drive  -  Junction with Dunmore Road
  • Parsons Mead – Junction with Dunmore Road
  • Evelin Road  -  Junction with Wootton Road
  • Letcombe Avenue  -  Junction with Bath Street
  • Boxhill Road  -  Junction with Boxhill Bridge to Boxhill Walk
  • Bourlon Wood – Junction with Copenhagen Drive
  • Mons Way – Junction with Copenhagen Drive
  • Harding Road – Junction with Faringdon Road
  • The Mott  -  Junction with pathway through to Boxhill Wood and Kingston Close
  • Northcourt Road  -  Junction with Brookside
  • Appleford Drive  -  Junction with Childrey Way / Lyford Way
  • Clevelands – Juntion with Northcourt Lane / Oxford Road
  • Appleford Drive – Junction with Oxford Road (both ends – 2 bins)
  • Norman Avenue – Junction with Oxford Road
  • Caldecott Road  -  Junction with Caldecott Gardens (School Entrance)
  • Mill Road  -  Junction with Drayton Road
  • Saxton Road  -  Junction with Wilsham Road
  • Longfellow Drive – Junction with Wordsworth Road
  • Caldecott Road – Junction with Blacknall Road
  • Saxton Road – Junction with Blacknall Road
  • Kennett Road  -  Junction with Radley Road
  • Peachcroft Road  -  Junction with Lindsey Drive

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