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Planning in Abingdon-on-Thames

The Town Council's role in the planning process

"An Englishman’s home is his castle" is an old saying, and in planning law there is a presumption that people may do what they like with their property, provided that they cause no ‘harm’ to their neighbours. The rules interpreting this legal principle can be found in the Vale of White Horse District Council’s Local Plan.

The Town Council act as a consultee in the planning process and, by law, have the opportunity to comment on all applications made in the town. Their recommendations, which are based on planning law and guidelines, are then submitted to the District Council.

The District Council has the statutory responsibility and makes decisions on whether or not a development is permitted – applications under consideration can be found [here]. If a planning application is refused, the applicant can appeal to the planning inspector, but there is no right of appeal by objectors against the granting of planning permission.

If you would like to know the recommendations made by our Planning & Highways Committee have a look at the meeting minutes. Or, if you would like to know what applications are due to considered at the next meeting these can be found in the agenda; both documents are on the meeting documents page.

Applications may be inspected online on the District Council's website, or in person at the District Council Offices at Abbey House, Abingdon.

If you require information or assistance on planning applications received by the Town Council, please contact the Town Clerk, Mr Nigel Warner, on 01235 522642 email


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