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Bath Street & The Square

Independent Shops for Great Browsing

landingpage_20130717_122845.jpgJust a step through from the Bury Street main shopping area is the quieter Bath Street with art, antiques, unusual gifts. Many women and men buying for women head for their "destination" store and come to town for this street's specialities. Whether you're a dressmaker or quilter after a special fabric in Masons or when it's time to top up your wardrobe at Eileen's, Pure Marie or the Shoe Shop, this is a street with quality merchandise and great service.

Easily reached from the Charter car park..there's great coffee at Salinas and on Tapas Nights at the Lounge Cafe, the sound of flamenco guitar brings a little continental style!

The Square at the High Street end of Bath Street is used for events, as distinct from the Market Place, notably at the time of Abingdon Fair, for the Act of Remembrance on 11th November and Remembrance Day, during Christmas shopping events.

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